Lounge Bar/Viewpoint

Mandala Lounge Bar is a 500m2 terrace garden consisting of four floors of different sizes and heights designed to enjoy the afternoons and nights in Huelva.

It is located at the highest point in Huelva therefore offering impressive views of the city, the estuary and the marshes.

It is without a doubt that the carved wooden gate brought from India is what garners the most attention. Once you have entered the gate, the tall green vegetation contrasts with the white walls and floors allowing visitors to pass without bother.

Among the almost 80 different species that make up the garden, those that stand out are the Schefflera actinophylla, the Cycas Revoluta, and a variety of palm trees such as the Washingtonia robusta, Syagrus romanzoffiana (Queen palm), Phoenix roebelenii (Pigmy Date Palm), Chamaerops humilis (European fan palm), Chamaerops excelsa (Chinese fan palm), Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palm), Saribus rotundifolius (roundleaf fountain palm), Phoenis Canariensis (Canary Islands Palm) and lastly the hanging orchids which make an exotic and original combination.

Juan José Fernández - Jardinería y Paisajismo - Huelva