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Landscaping is perhaps one of the most unknown professions. It is nothing more than the study, planning and implementation of improvements in the environment, both at the public level, with the development of new areas or rehabilitation of degraded sites and also on a private scale, with the construction or reform of private gardens.

The landscape gardener must be multifaceted and manage the space both to a technical and artistic level. As well as this it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of plant species and cultural activity in order to carry out the work in the best conditions.
However, the development of this activity is also an art, and that is how the imprint that a landscaper gives a garden is different.

Throughout history gardens have been evolving and distinguishing very different styles. Today, the landscaper revives this history and together the materials and technology that have undergone a great evolution they are now capable of building spaces that until now were unimaginable.


After analyzing the client’s preferences, a style is chosen that marks the course of action. The design covers an initial plan of the space that includes its zoning, by defining pathways, lounge areas, etc.

Then the units to be executed are defined such as movements of land, walls, paths, plantations of large specimens, swimming pools, fountains, pergolas, sports courts, solariums, and everything related to home automation (automatic doors, exterior lighting, etc…).

Finally, we study the vegetation to plant, which will be specified for your convenience.

A landscaping project is delivered with a descriptive report of the work to be carried out, the quality of the materials, measurement units and a budget.

This is followed by the construction of all the components that make up the exterior of the house, following a logical path in terms of time and budget.

Juan José Fernández - Jardinería y Paisajismo - Huelva - Servicios
Juan José Fernández - Jardinería y Paisajismo - Huelva - Servicios


Once the garden has been completed a Maintenance Plan is provided with all the work to be carried out in order for the garden to flourish during the year and this is also a service available to the client.

We only offer the service of maintenance for gardens that we have completely or partially designed and implemented.


We offer advice to private and public bodies in terms of improvements and maintenance of their current facilities.

Juan José Fernández - Jardinería y Paisajismo - Huelva - Servicios