Plaza Houston Park

Public Garden

Reform Project management of gardens located in Plaza Houston in the neighbourhood of Isla Chica (Huelva), a proposal from the Huelva City Council and the main contract of Ferrovial Servicios S.A. This plaza has suffered from deterioration for years due to the lack of expansion to the area surrounding it.

After the construction of the Old Colombino Stadium Park, that borders this plaza, there was an increase in recreational activity in the area. Due to this it was decided to remodel and refresh this plaza. Mounds that were an architectural barrier were levelled out and the children’s facilities were provided with barriers to cut off the area according to legislation.

To continue, a rose garden and woodland was planted. An arrangement of sinuous palm trees, Washingtonia, were planted in a large flowerbed to give continuity towards the Old Colombino Stadium Park.

Various circular sections were defined by planting shrubs and a lawn that unites everything. Wooden walkways were installed to avoid possible interruptions in the main walkways that the neighbours use to avoid deterioration to the gardens.

Juan José Fernández - Jardinería y Paisajismo - Huelva