Las Melias

Single family dwelling

2000m2 country style garden, located in El Judio, Gibraleon (Huelva).

Initially this was an agricultural plot of land full of weeds, a small house and old stables.

After redeveloping the dwelling and stables a choice was made to construct a horse riding track, a pool and a pergola.

Following this, we surrounded everything with olive trees (Olea europaea), cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens “estricta”), melias (melia azedarach), a meadow of cespitose, rose trees and aromatic plants giving the garden a rustic air.

The location of this farm, on top of a small hill, has incredible views. This was taken into account while designing the garden to assure that nothing would disrupt it.

After the warm days of spring and summer, when the sun goes down the owners light up the olive trees giving a sensation of warmth and comfort.

Juan José Fernández - Jardinería y Paisajismo - Huelva